01. I didn't need any help. The instructions were pretty [straightforward].
02. The solution to our money problems seems [straightforward] to me. If we lower our prices, we will sell more product, and increase our profits.
03. We need to let people know what we have decided in the most [straightforward] manner possible.
04. The software program has very [straightforward] instructions for installation.
05. He has a very [straightforward] manner that people appreciate when they're doing business with him.
06. The director likes things to be honest and [straightforward]. She doesn't want people agreeing just to please her.
07. My boss never gave me a [straightforward] answer to my request for a raise.
08. The application form is pretty [straightforward], but if you have any questions, just ask the secretary.
09. Harriet is very [straightforward] in her approach to dealing with clients.
10. Your essay will be much stronger if you use simple, [straightforward] language.
11. D. H. Lawrence once stated that there's nothing wrong with sexual feelings in themselves, so long as they are [straightforward], and not sneaking or sly.
12. Paula Nelson once remarked that the best business plans are [straightforward] documents that spell out the "who, what, where, why, and how much."
13. James D. Watson once observed that science seldom proceeds in the [straightforward] logical manner imagined by outsiders. Instead, its steps forward (and sometimes backward) are often very human events in which personalities and cultural traditions play major roles.
14. Grace's directions to her house were so [straightforward] that I was able make it there in less than 10 minutes.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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